From due diligence to personalized coaching, Roofstock is a home run for out of state investors

In this episode, we hear from Roofstock’s own Michael Albaum, the Head Coach of Roofstock Academy. Michael lays out the benefits rental investors receive from being a part of the Roofstock ecosystem. We walk through the various research, analytics, due diligence and insights provided to investors so they can make educated decisions when adding to their portfolios. Additionally, we discuss the Roofstock Academy and their unique spin on the real estate education market. You don’t want to miss this episode!

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Important Highlights:

0:44 – Introduction to Michael Albaum
1:30 – Michael Albaum explains how Roofstock began
3:12 – How Roofstock finds and uses their data to help new investors
5:05 – Packages new investors can utilize – Roofstock Exclusive vs. Roofstock Select
11:35 – Individual properties vs Portfolios
12:39 – Getting started in the Roofstock Academy; for beginners and seasoned investors
20:10 – Go check out The Remote Real Estate Investor podcast by Roofstock
22:30 – Questions new Property managers should ask about Property Management

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