Hard money lending has changed over the past few years. Learn what’s new from hard money expert, James Melton.

Are you an investor in the greater Atlanta area looking for deals and a private money lender you can trust? We have you covered. Meet James Melton. In this episode, we talk with James about several topics including:

  • His own journey in the hard money space
  • The process of obtaining a loan from start to finish
  • The typical terms and most recent interest percentages (if you haven’t shopped hard money in a while, this one will shock you!)

We also discuss the differences (and benefits) of this type of private lending versus bank lending.

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Important Highlights:

0:57 – Introduction into private money lending
2:29 – How James sustained through the recession and got into the hard money lending business
4:43 – Lessons learned through starting his own business
7:13 – How much does he lend out monthly & who is his typical customer?
10:25 – Start to finish what a transaction looks like with James
15:08 – Term sheet
17:11 – How long does the process take?
27:21 – Bird’s eye view of real estate investing in Atlanta

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