After leasing thousands and thousands of properties, we’ve learned a thing or two.

Probably the most important aspect of owning rental property is getting the right tenant in your home. Since 2008, we have placed thousands upon thousands of great residents. In this episode, we’ll dive in with our leasing ninja, Jacob West, and explore what he and his team have done to make the past 18 months fantastic even in the middle of a global pandemic. We’ll share practical tips you can use whether you own one property or 1,000.

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Important Highlights:

0:49 – Introduction to Jacob
1:28 – Jacob’s journey to where he is now
5:01 – Communication
8:27 – Mistakes we see in leasing properties
10:47 – screening tenants and not cutting corners
11:15 – Screening criteria
16:10 – Scams our landlords can avoid
20:24 – How can you protect yourself?

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